Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rubbermaid Pets Scoop'n Store Pet Food Storage

Another product that I absolutley LOVE, is Bebe's food container. I hated the thought of having a bag of dog food hanging around my pantry or in the garage...we get ants in the summer.

This is so great ! It even has a scoop that attaches under the lid, so you never have to search for a cup to fill with kibbles ! The best part is, it holds her entire 13 pound bag of dog food ! ( it can hold up to 26 lbs if you get the small size, like I did. )

I had to order it online, as I could not find the product in the stores...Available at Petco.com & amazon.com.
Around $19.99 and worth every cent !!
Rubbermaid Pets Scoop'n Store Pet Food Storage
"Pet food storage with the Rubbermaid name. Seals in freshness while locking out pests and pets. Slimline design is ideal for storing against a utility room or garage wall. Handy pet food scoop stores in lid. Offered in a variety of sizes."