Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reverse Sneezing

On 4 occasions, Bebe has done this 'cough/spasm/choking' thing... The most recent was at 2 am this morning. This time it lasted longer than the episodes before, so I totally thought she was going to keel over right there in the kitchen, except what kept me calm was that her tail was wagging and her ears were were in the normal position... ( not back like she was scared ). I offered her water, and she drank her entire bowl, and it just stopped ! We went back to bed. I promptly emailed my breeder this morning and asked..." What the heck.....?!!" She mentioned that one of her dogs reverse sneezed.... So, I googled "reverse sneeze" to death, and came across this You Tube video of a Maltese doing exactly what Bebe was doing ! Whew !! Now I can have a peaceful day knowing what it was ! Watch this video so if it happens to your dog, you won't freak out like I did !

Sparkey the maltese reverse sneezing

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