Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Loose Stools & Pumpkin

When we picked up Bebe from our vet who boarded her for 8 nights while we were out of town, she came home with loose stools. Since I knew it had to do with being stressed out, I emailed my breeder who suggested I give her canned pupkin. ( Not the pie mix, but the PURE pumpkin ).
I ran to the store, came home, and she licked about 2 TBS. off a spoon, and LOVED it ! Whew... !
No kidding, the next time she went out to "go", her stool was normal ! It worked within hours, and I couldn't believe it, because she had been leaving me 'gifts' in my home, which she had never done before, and I was getting sad !! THANK YOU PUMPKIN !