Monday, September 8, 2008


Bebe's food bowl is the "HEALTHY PET DINER 4 " by OUR PETS in PINK OR BLUE "
I bought mine at PetSmart. I thought I'd have to get a larger bowl one day, because this is the puppy size, but now that Bebe is almost 1 year old, it's still the a great size for Bebe. She's a little over 6 pounds,, so she doesn't need a big bowl. The bowls come right out, and I toss them in the dishwasher ! It has a continuous watering feature that provides fresh water if you ever needed that. I'm VERY happy with the bowl, and if something ever happened to it, I'd buy it again. It runs $11.99. Note: The 4 " bowl ONLY comes in pink or blue... not exactly what I wanted, but since I like the size so much, I can live with the pink. The next sizes up come in the white.