Friday, September 5, 2008


As TS Hanna approaches, and Hurricane Ike not far behind, I dug out Bebe's Sherpa Bag today... JUST IN CASE ! I will fill a ziploc bag full of kibbles, a few water bottles, and throw it in the back of my van. I don't want to panic and be running around like a crazy woman if things go from bad to worse. Although I have never had a reason to use this bag, at least I have it for emergencies, just like this. And if for some reason I need to put her in it, then it's already packed with her things and ready to go. At least I know she'll be safe and secure while I concentrate on my human family. I placed her in this bag a few minutes ago to see if she would have any anxiety....hmmm...I think not ~ Whew ! Bebe has the "Original"bag, size MEDIUM. Perfecto !
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