Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's bath time ! - Grooming Products I use

Bebe loves her bath. Right now I'm using Bio-Groom shampoo & conditioner. It has worked great, but since I have heard great things about Chris Christensen Day to Day Shampoo, I'm going to try that next. I'll let you know how I like it.

  • Comb- Master Grooming Tools Steel Greyhound Comb # TP906
  • Bio Groom Shampoo & Bio Groom Silk Cream Rinse Conditioner- all available at
  • Ice On Ice is a leave in coat conditioner and finishing spray. Similar to but unlike the old silicon products Ice On Ice is water soluble. Ice On Ice puts a protective barrier on the outside of the hair strand and locks in moisture, it is not oily and Ice On Ice repels dirt, dust, rain, urine from soaking into the coat. Ice On Ice also contains sunscreen.
  • Great Pin Brushes- Do not use pin brushes with balls at the ends of the pins... It can damage the hair.