Thursday, October 23, 2008

The most brilliant Coton ever !

Bebe's new puppy cut

Yesterday, when I was getting ready to run out the door with Bebe to get her to her grooming appointment, I noticed her collar was missing. I turned my house upside down and inside out looking for it. I couldn't imagine where it could be. I looked all day yesterday, last night, even asked the kids to help find it. They have been known to take her collar off a time or two, but have always either put it back on her or placed it on my counter so I would always know where it was in the event of an emergency. Bebe's ID tags are on her collar, so it's either find the collar, or order her a new collar & ID tag today.
As I logged on the computer a few minutes ago to place a new order for her collar and tags, I looked down at Bebe and said, "Bebe, where is your collar? Go find your collar !". So there I was, typing in, and I hear Bebe whining in the other room, which she never does. I expected her to be by the door to go out, even though she knows to ring the bells. Nope. She wasn't at the back door. She was sitting beside her crate, looking inside, and whining ! Huh ?? "What the heck is wrong with you Bebe ?" I called Bebe to "come", but she refused. Bebe would not move from that spot. I walked over, peered in the crate, and low and behold, there was her collar & ID tag !!!!!!
She found it for me, just like I asked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coton's are brilliant, aren't they ??!!