Thursday, October 2, 2008

How do I keep my Coton from Chewing ?!

Bebe has never been big into chewing, and I think this is why... I did my research before bringing her home, and knew that chewing is absolutely normal behavior for curious puppies that may be teething. Dogs also investigate objects by pawing at them, and exploring with their mouths. So, right from the start, I knew that the possibility existed that she may try and chew up my house. So, I was going to be prepared ! I bought these:

Note: Teething Toys should only be used under supervision ! Don't leave your pup in their crate with any teething toys. Bits of plastic can break off and your pup might choke, or if they swallow bits, they may get an intestinal blockage.

Salix Pork and Beef Hides at PetSmart

Nylabone Healthy Edibles. ( I saw them at Walmart )

I made sure to offer her one at any time I was going to have my back turned. ( I can't watch her 100% of the time!) She eventually outgrew the teething keys, but continues to enjoy the twists and Healthy Edible Bones. If she is awake, and I'm busy, then she's chewing on one of these, even now that she is 1 year old. It keeps us both happy !

I'm going to be honest. It's not like she has never chewed on my things, but it has greatly distracted her from getting into big girl trouble. She chewed on one of my flip flops this summer, and the only 'big' trouble she got into was when she chewed my vacume cord, while my vacume was still plugged in ! Give them something to chew on when you can't be sitting with your pup and playing. The key is to keep them occupied, and not bored.

Really important: Never offer your dog an 'old shoe' or your old sock if they are chewing up your good ones. This will only confuse them. They won't be able to distinguish their shoes or socks from yours !