Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Coton Laundry

If you have a Coton, then I'm sure you will relate
to this post ! Bebe is such a 'helper' ! When it's time to fold laundry, she's right in the middle of it. She loves nothing better than a huge pile of clean clothes to lay right in the middle of ! ( gasp! ) Since I have a habit of bathing her frequently, I've managed to tolerate it. She still manages to run off with a sock or two ! I went to make my bed today and Bebe was at my feet, so I was caught off guard when I went to grab the comforter that had been pushed aside, and something didn't look quite right.... I almost didn't notice those tiny little legs sticking out from under the comforter ! I promptly removed her. Needless to say, she was not happy I kicked her out of her cozy spot.
By the time I went to grab my pile of pillows, there she was.... smack dab in the middle of her new cozy spot, clearly pouting ! Boy, all I do is ruin the fun around here. But thanks for helping Bebe !!